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Why Every Certified Personal Trainer Needs Liability Insurance

Not all policies are the same, so be sure to do your homework.

As a certified personal trainer, you have worked hundreds of hours to hone your craft and have spent significant dollars to receive the certifications that allow you to positively impact the lives of your clients.  Yet, just one claim from one client can send the entire business you built crashing down.

Today, a number of insurance companies are offering liability policies to certified personal trainers.  But simply buying a policy is not enough, knowing what the policy covers- or more importantly, what it does not cover is of critical importance.  Because if a client files a claim against you, and your policy does not cover it-it’s as if you had absolutely no policy at all.

Here is a simple checklist we recommend you use when choosing a liability policy to protect you and your hard earned business:

Does the policy have General Liability/ Premises Liability Coverage? - Many policies today are being issued that do not include general and premises liability. Nowadays, many trainers train clients at their homes or in gyms where they are not employees.  If a claim arises from in home training, whether in your home, or your client’s, you will be covered.  If a claim arises from training a client in a gym, hopefully the gym will have the necessary coverage, but we all know that lawyers will sue everyone associated with the event, and that means you.  So, you need to be covered.  Not all general liability policies cover the following, so be sure you choose a policy that also provides coverage for:

Products Liability
Personal Injury
Abuse and Molestation
Also includes Professional Liability

Additional insureds (at no additional cost)

Be sure the company you choose is an A+ rated company that will be around and will support you comprehensively in the event of a claim.  The A+ company will provide you with legal defense at no cost for you.  That’s a comforting fact when you’re facing the stress of a lawsuit.

As a trainer, you need insurance coverage that is comprehensive and provides you the peace of mind to pursue your craft without hesitation.  So do your homework and choose a policy that completely covers your business.  It will cost a little more over the course of the year, but in the event of a claim, you’ll agree it was money well spent.